Monday, June 26, 2017

Popeye and Donkey Kong

Did you know that if it wasn't for Popeye we may not have the characters of Donkey Kong and Mario? Well t this time Nintendo was trying to get the rights to make a game based off the Popeye characters. This game would have been much like the original Donkey Kong game. Bluto would have kidnapped Olive Oyl, and Popeye would have fought through various obstacles to save Olive (also instead of the hammer there would have been a can of Spinach).. However when the company was not able to get the rights new characters had to be created. Shigeru Miyamoto, a video game designer working for the company created Mario, Donkey Kong and Pauline as replacements for these characters. So if the idea for having a Popeye game actually happened when it was supposed to or if the idea have never come up at all, none of the Popeye or Mario games would exist.
While Donkey Kong came out in 1981, Nintendo would actually be able to make an actual Popeye arcade game just a year later.

Here is that game:

and here is Donkey Kong:

-Michael J. Ruhland

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