Monday, June 26, 2017

Dorothy and the Wizard of OZ on Boomerang

For those of you who have not heard Boomerang now has a streaming service online. On this service you can watch a great variety of cartoons including Looney Tunes, Popeye cartoons, Droopy and many of the early Hanna-Barbera TV shows. However as well as this the streaming service will introduce new shows. Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz is an Australian nd New Zealand co-production which premieres today on the Boomerang TV channel in Australia. However in the U.S. this show can currently only be found on the Boomerang streaming service. This show liberally combines elements of the OZ books, the 1939 movie and other OZ lore.

 The first episode (now up for streaming) is called Beware the Woozy and is written by Jack Ferraiolo (WordGirl, Home Movies) and directed by Jeff DeGrandis (God, The Devil and Bob, Dora the Explorer).   

-Michael J. Ruhland

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